MVP! MVP! MVP! (Yes, LeBron is that good)

Actual exchange at a store at Tower City after today’s Cavaliers-Bulls game:

Random Shopper: “Who cares about LeBron?”
Salesperson: “Come on. We are all witnesses.”
Random Shopper: “Witness to what?”
Me: “37 points, 6 rebounds, 6 assists.”
Random Shopper: “OK, yeah, that’s pretty good.”


That’s why seconds after I took the above picture (the last 2 of LeBron’s 37 points), the “M-V-P” chants were rattling The Q.

And yes, they were louder than the boos Larry Hughes received during introductions (the guy sitting behind me was trying to convince his little kid that the fans were saying “Hughes”, but the kid wasn’t buying it).

Honestly, the two games I got to see this weekend couldn’t have gone better. The Cavs won both of them, LeBron played great in both of them, and I got to chant “M-V-P” at both of them. Good times.

Honestly, I do think LeBron is playing at an MVP level, but if the Lakers win the West and the Cavs don’t get out of 4th in the East, it’d be hard to give him the award over Kobe Bryant. But if the Lakers finish 3rd or lower in the West and the Cavs get to 3rd in the East, then give the MVP to LeBron and get out of his way in the playoffs.

And given that LeBron’s career averages are better than 27-6-6, it shouldn’t be surprising when he goes for 35-6-6 or better, but it’s still pretty awesome. He’s now got 37 games of 35-6-6 in his career (including Sunday), 2nd-most among active players behind Tracy McGrady (38) and ahead of Kobe Bryant (36), though Kobe’s working on another one as we speak, and T-Mac could do it tonight.

Basically what that means is it’s a good time to be an NBA fan.