DGOW Semifinalist - Kristen Bell

Tournament Rankings

-Region Seed: 3
-Overall Seed: 9
-Google Search Results Rank: 16
-SexyDesktop Images Rank: 11
-IMDB StarWatch Rank: 8

Road to the Final Four
1st Round: defeated Michelle Ryan, 75-25
2nd Round: defeated Jaime Murray, 100-0
Regional Final: defeated Jessica Biel, 56-44

The lowest remaining seed in this tournament, Kristen Bell may not be the DGOW George Mason, but has the potential to be the DGOW version of Arizona 1997. I declared Bell my sentimental favorite in the fist round, but never expected her to topple Jessica Biel in the Elite 8.

Bell is best known for her starring role on the WB/CW show “Veronica Mars.” Called a mix between Buffy and Bogart, “Veronica Mars” was a hip show that was significantly more mature than its targeted age group (and between Bell, Charisma Carpenter, Julie Gonzalo and Alona Tal, featured some seriously underrated talent).

Bell’s profile should have been higher with “Veronica Mars” but the show never rated particularly well (nor did it play up her sexiness). All that changed this year, when she took a role on “Heroes”, which gave her an edge and definitely let her be sexy. She also became the voice of “Gossip Girl” and you can hear the sexiness dripping in her voice everytime she says “XOXO” at the end of the opening credits.

I got the chance to meet Bell back in 2006. “Veronica Mars” was just finishing up its second season, and the shine was off the show a little bit, but she was hot as ever, and sweet too. I even have her autograph on my Season 1 trading cards binder (yes, I have Veronica Mars trading cards -- and busts -- and DVDs -- and, well, if they made any other stuff I’d probably have that too).

Your Betty Brant Champion -- Kristen Bell.

She faces Katherine Heigl in the semifinals. Don’t forget to vote.