DGOW Semifinalist - Katherine Heigl

Tournament Rankings

-Region Seed: 2
-Overall Seed: 7
-Google Search Results Rank: 11
-SexyDesktop Images Rank: 16
-IMDB StarWatch Rank: 5

Road to the Final Four
1st Round: defeated Shiri Appleby, 60-40
2nd Round: defeated Rachel Bilson, 75-25
Regional Final: defeated Keira Knightley, 89-11

Most people know Katherine Heigl best from her role as Dr. Izzy Stevens on “Grey’s Anatomy”, but the truth is, I’ve only ever seen one episode of that show and it bored me to tears. No, I was introduced to the lovely Miss Heigl way back in the day, with the cheesy Disney movie “Wish Upon a Star.” She was just 18 then, playing a hot 16-year-old. And I was 16 at the time, so it wasn’t creepy to lust after her.

She continued her mastery of hot teenagers on “Roswell”, where she played Isabel (what is it with that name?), a hot alien pretending to be human. I mean, really, is there anything hotter than a hot alien posing as a hot human high schooler?

Moving on, Heigl continues to play hotties, most notably in the hit comedy “Knocked Up”, which is where American males who wouldn’t watch “Grey’s Anatomy” on principle got introduced to her hotness. Her breasts in particular stole the show, looking large enough to be mommy boobies without any Hollywood enhancement. Plus, her character hooked up with a relentless loser, giving hope to all of us out there that we could eventually sleep with Katherine Heigl -- as false as that hope may be.

Heigl’s look -- tall, blonde, nice breasts -- is classic beauty, but she does seem to have an unusually large mouth. While it doesn’t always come across that way in photos (thanks to the beauty of Hollywood photography), watch her for any extended period of time, and you’ll see what I’m saying (or maybe you won’t, if you just focus on her gorgeous body).

Your Gwen Stacy Champion -- Katherine Heigl.

She faces Kristen Bell in the semifinals. Don’t forget to vote.