DGOW Semifinalist - Hayden Panettiere

Tournament Rankings

-Region Seed: 2
-Overall Seed: 8
-Google Search Results Rank: 22
-SexyDesktop Images Rank: 7
-IMDB StarWatch Rank: 4

Road to the Final Four
1st Round: defeated Anna Paquin, 85-15
2nd Round: defeated Jennifer Connelly, 100-0
Regional Final: defeated Evangeline Lilly, 67-33

As you can see by the results, the DGOW fans are doing their best to save the cheerleader. Panettiere, best known for her role as Claire Bennet on “Heroes”, has yet to be tested. Her combined 1st and 2nd round victories were the most dominant in the entire field.

Obviously, Hayden broke into the public consciousness as a hottie with “Heroes” but she’s been on the Hollywood scene much longer. She made her TV debut on the soap opera “One Life to Live” in 1994, when she was just 5 years old. She played Coach Yoast’s daughter in “Remember the Titans” at 11, and at the age of 15, she stood out in a “Raising Helen” cast featuring 4 Oscar nominees.

Hayden’s “Heroes” success has allowed her to be a little more risque in her photo spreads while still embracing the innocence of a teenager. In the past year she’s done sexy spreads in Vanity Fair and GQ, both of which did not cross the line into Maxim soft-core territory, leaving the image of her playful youth intact.

For me though, this comes down to my meeting with Hayden, at New York Comic Con in 2007. She was a star, as “Heroes” was taking off, but she still didn’t have a big ego, and took the time to talk to everyone who was getting an autograph. We actually had a nice little conversation (I told her I liked her in “Ice Princess” -- a Disney movie also starring former Buffy star Michelle Trachtenberg -- and she said I was sweet) and I got a photo op later in the day. Very good times. I don’t know if the extra year of fame has changed her ego for the worse, but it has changed her body for the better.

Your Mary Jane Watson Champion -- Hayden Panettiere.

She faces Christina Aguilera in the Final Four. Don’t forget to cast your vote.