DGOW Semifinalist - Christina Aguilera

Tournament Rankings

-Region Seed: 1
-Overall Seed: 3
-Google Search Results Rank: 2
-SexyDesktop Images Rank: 3
-IMDB StarWatch Rank: 17

Road to the Final Four
1st Round: defeated Lauren Ambrose, 83-17
2nd Round: defeated Stacy Kiebler, 67-33
Regional Final: defeated Bryce Dallas Howard, 67-33

I think I first became infatuated with Christina Aguilera back when her first single, “Genie in a Bottle”, hit the airwaves. In fact, I’m pretty sure I saw the video for the first time on MTV (back when MTV played videos) and immediately went to Media Play (back when Media Play existed) and bought the CD single (back when CD singles existed -- wow, this all happened a long time ago).

Back then she was just another face in the long line of bubble gum pop princesses (Britney, Jessica, Mandy, et al) but she stood out, mostly because she was the only one who could really sing. I bought her first album when it came out, along with her Spanish language album and Christmas album -- yeah, I was hooked.

Sure, she went through a rough phase with “Stripped”, and it looked like she was messing with her body so much that she wouldn’t ever look good again. But the last two years have been a time of remarkable comeback for Christina, who has once again captured our imaginations (blah, blah, blah... she got super fucking hot again, basically).

Perhaps her biggest asset in this tournament is, well, how damn big her “assets” got while she was pregnant. Her “mommie boobies” (as Sarah calls them) are just a thing of beauty. In addition, her overall style has gone from scattershot to pin-up, which has made her all the more attractive. And if you’re one of the people who voted for “overall résumé” on last week’s poll, well, her last album was pretty good too, so no reason to knock her there.

Your Felicia Hardy Champion -- Christina Aguilera.

She faces Hayden Panettiere in the Final Four. Don’t forget to cast your vote.