Buffy: Season 8, Issue #12 Review

Buffy isn’t a lesbian.

Anyone who watched the show for 7 seasons, or has read the first 11 issues of this comic series knows that.

So why would Joss Whedon (and issue writer Drew Goddard, whose work I liked in Season 7 and on “Lost”) spend most of the 1st half of this issue with Buffy naked in bed with Satsu, the slayer whose love she rejected in Issue #11?

I have to believe it’s part of a bigger plan, but right now, in the scope of just this issue, it seemed to serve 2 purposes:

1)establish a new level of absurdity for the wide world of fanfic
2)set up a series of hilarious encounters that would have come across very funny with the various actors involved, but don’t really do anything for me on the comic page

Otherwise, the sexual encounter just seems out of character, though it does serve as the necessary distraction to allow this issue’s group of bad guys to make their move.

As for those bad guys, we can only assume they’re working for/with Twilight, but we get no direct implication of that, since Twilight makes no appearance in this episode. At first, I was a little peeved at this, but then I thought back to Season 5. Part of what made Glory such an interesting villain is how little we knew about her at first. It’s very similar with Twilight. Who is he? How powerful is he? Who’s working for him and who’s he working for (if anyone)?

While none of these questions get answered in this issue, I at least feel we have a general direction, thanks to the theft of the Scythe.

Oh, and as for the appearance of Dracula at the end of the issue, I wasn’t a big fan of his episode on the show, but it looks like we’ll be getting mostly Xander-Dracula interaction, which was the redeeming part of “Buffy vs Dracula” and also made for an interesting issue of “Tales of the Vampires”.