Britney, I still love you! You were awesome on How I Met Your Mother!

I know I’m being a horrible enabler, but, Britney, you’re still awesome.

I saw you tonight on “How I Met Your Mother” (one of my favorite TV shows) and you were incredibly hot and didn’t flub your lines at all or anything.

I know I should be giving you advice on how to turn your life around, but I don’t care about that. You just need to keep looking sexy on awesome TV shows and you’ll be fine.

Really, with all honestly, I thought you were pretty damn good. Especially in that last scene with Barney. “If it’s fixed, can we have sex on it, then go shopping?” Fan... wait for it... TASTIC!

(If you haven’t seen the episode, check it out here... you may not get some of the in-jokes if you haven’t watched the series, but you’ll enjoy Britney’s part. It’s seriously pretty damn funny, with a touch of self-deprecation. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see Britney do more things like this, to help improve her public image, which is basically as low as its ever been).