Angel: After the Fall, Issue #4 Review

First things first: Angel is a human.

Sorry if I spoiled that for you, but if you’re this far behind in the series, you deserve to be spoiled (in the bad way, not the good way).

Now, this issue focuses primarily on how things got that way and the answer may surprise you.

Angel doesn’t believe (and it seems neither does Wesley) that his condition is a result of the Shanshu Prophecy. Now, while I don’t believe he could actually sign that away (as he did in the series finale), Angel does. However, his explanation for not being a vampire (“They know right now is when I need it the most”) makes significantly more sense.

Let’s be honest, if Wolfram & Hart can cast L.A. into hell, then they can definitely make Angel into a human in that hell. And more importantly, at least for fans like me, they can make Gunn into a vampire.

As for the non-exposition part of the issue, Angel preps for his fight against the Lords (or their champions), he goes to visit Lorne, who runs something of a safe haven in “Hell.A.” (think Caritas on a larger scale) and Groo shows up looking Pylean and Gunn blows up what’s remaining of the L.A. branch of W&H (which tells us more about his intentions than anything in the previous 3 issues did).

I can’t say I particularly liked the ending of the issue, but I’ll live with it. It just seemed kind of forced, but it doesn’t take away from what otherwise was a very good issue.