Tuesday Afternoon Ramblings

• I heart LeBron. Simple as that. He put on a real nice performance Tuesday against the Celtics, especially considering that the holdout twins (Varejao and Pavlovic) are already hurt and Drew Gooden went down with a groin injury (ouch) in this game. LeBron needs to single-handedly carry this team, and he’s fully capable of doing that.

• As much as I need LeBron to carry the Cavs, I need him to stay healthy even more. We’re just over 3 weeks away from my trip to Cleveland, and I really, really, really, really want to see him play in person. Really.

• My anti-Patriots video is up on YouTube and already has more than 200 views and 3 comments. One of the commenters called the Patriots loss the best day of his life. I mean, I hate the Pats too, but wow.

• The next set of DGOW voting has begun, with the first round of the Gwen Stacy region up. The MJ Region had only one upset... but it was a big one. 1 Seed Britney Spears is out. I honestly didn’t see this coming, even with Britney being all crazy and, well, just crazy.