Jim Zorn FTW... no, wait... WTF?!

Honestly, when Jim Fassel was named the front-runner in the Redskins coaching search, I was relieved. No, not because the Redskins were going to hire him, but because they WEREN’T. Stick with me...

The Redskins haven’t gone with the front-runner since hiring Norv Turner way back in the day. Marty wasn’t supposed to get the job, no one thought Spurrier would leave Florida, and no one expected Gibbs to come out of retirement. And it’s safe to say no one expected Jim Zorn to get this job.

Now, I didn’t want Fassel to get the job (lame retred) but I didn’t expect a hiring along the lameness of this. Zorn didn’t really have a profile as an up-and-coming assistant. He was a former QB he was good at working with QBs... that’s about it.

If Zorn lasts two seasons in Washington, I’d be shocked. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we’re going through all this again next offseason. Please, for the love of the Goddess, someone get Daniel Snyder a football guy (not Vinnie Cerrato) and remove the Daniel from all football decisions. And soon.