Cavaliers-Timberwolves: Everything I wanted and so much more

Honestly, I was very worried that LeBron would sit this one out to rest his ankle, but I’m so glad he didn’t. I can’t remember the last time I had this much fun at a sporting event (it sure as hell wasn’t in December).

I walked to the arena from my hotel, and I was pleasantly surprised that it was only a 15 minute walk. I checked out the pro shop, walked around the concourse for awhile, then took my seat (and the one negative to my night was the seat. They have these tacked on cupholders at the Q, that are on the ends of the armrests, so for larger people like me -- or even regular-sized people, really -- the cupholders prevent you from sitting comfortably). I also got there way too early, so that was kind of boring.

Once the game started, I was just so happy to be watching LeBron play that I didn’t really notice that he (and the rest of the team for that matter) wasn’t playing very well. The score was tied at the end of the 1st quarter, and the Cavs only had a 4-point lead at the half.

Things weren’t really going well in the third quarter, until a spot with about 3 minutes left, where the Cavs got completely hosed on a call (a rebound under the basket went out of bounds CLEARLY off the Wolves, but the ref positioned at midcourt called it the other way). From that point, LeBron got that look like he wasn’t to be fucked with. It was like that scene in “Scarface” near the end where Tony Montana just goes nuts. “You wanna fuck with me? Okay. You wanna play rough? Okay. Say hello to my little friend!” Only in this case, LeBron’s “little friend” was a drive, miss and follow slam that re-energized the crowd (it’s the first actual play in this highlight).

The fourth quarter was basically that, over and over again. He had 11 points and 4 assists in the final 12 minutes, including some really nice dunks and even a pair of SWEET set-ups for Ben Wallace.

Speaking of Wallace, he was one of the three new Cavs who I got to see play (Wally Szczerbiak was out as his wife was giving birth). The funny thing is, every time he did something, they played the Big Ben chime in the arena. I HATED that thing when Wallace was playing for the Pistons. I mean DETESTED it. Now that he’s in Cleveland? It’s freakin’ awesome. (This is also known as “Jack Parkman Syndrome” from the movie “Major League 2”. If you have NO idea what I’m talking about, check out this clip and wait for the reference to Parkman’s shimmy. I love YouTube.)

Also, I love Delonte West. The guy plays with great energy. He makes things happen. Once Boobie is back and Delonte doesn’t have to play point guard all the time, he could be something really special.

OK, that’s enough on this game. Check out my photo gallery and enjoy. I’ll have more about my trip tomorrow.