Buffy Summers is dead...

For the third time, Buffy Summers has died.

And for the third time, she’s not really dead.

(Actually, it’s the 4th, if you count the body double dying at the beginning of Issue #5 of Season 8. And sorry if I spoiled a 6-month-old comic for you. But yeah, Buffy hasn’t died yet in Season 8).

As for this Buffy, it’s not the person -- fictional or otherwise. It’s the 250 GB hard drive that was the main drive in my Power Mac G5.

The hard drive’s death, which is pretty much complete at this point, since I can’t boot off it or access files on it, isn’t too bad, since I had a fairly complete Time Machine backup (Goddess bless Leopard).

I’ve taken the plunge and ordered a 1 TB internal drive for my G5 (which, even at 3 and a half years old is still going strong). Right now I’m running off a 500 GB external drive, but I’ll eventually move my whole system to my 300 GB internal drive (my boot drive really only has about 100 GB worth of files), then I’ll use the 500 GB drive as my Time Machine backup and the 1 TB drive will house my iTunes Library. Currently the iTunes Library is on a 1 TB external drive, which I’ll convert to a pure backup drive.

At this point, I’m out about $250 bucks and about 2 days of time. But I can’t really complain.