Buffy: Season 8, Issue 11 Review

I was a little disappointed when I found out that Issue 11 of “Season 8” was going to be another 1 shot, but it turned out to be the best issue of the entire run. We get some quick references to previous issues then we get into some action.

The bulk of the story focuses on Buffy taking Satsu, one of the younger slayers on a training mission. Only, the training mission is really a cover for Buffy to talk with Satsu, since Satsu is in love with Buffy (if you put the pieces together from “The Long Way Home”, this is actually the only logical answer to the question of who kissed Buffy to wake her up, but I failed to put those pieces together until it was revealed).

Buffy has one of her classic “woe-is-me” Buffy rants, and that’s where the story takes its incredible turn. The main villain of the series, Twilight, shows up and goads Buffy into a fight (though he claims he was just there to talk -- in a very Glory-esque manner).

We get a sense of what Twilight is really working at, and who he really is (at least, we know that’s a mask, not his face, and he appears to be human, though we haven’t fully seen his face yet.

And the then end arrives, and despite being surrounded by hundreds of slayers, Buffy is back to feeling alone.

So, why is this issue so good? Well, it’s the first one in awhile that I feels really advances the story. And it does so in subtle ways that recall back to previous seasons of Buffy. The idea of breaking her will is very similar to Spike’s mission in “The Yoko Factor” and what Willow has to break her out of in “The Weight of the World”. The villain recalls pieces of Glory, Spike, and even bits of Riley (who, I know, was never a villain, but wouldn’t it be fantastic if he was now).

As for who Twilight is? Well, I’m split. Half of me wants him to be someone we’ve already seen in the TV series and the other half of me wants the exact opposite. I guess we’ll just have to keep reading.