Buffy lives! (and other Saturday afternoon ramblings)

• I got a couple “Buffy” related things on Thursday: my personalized sketch book from Georges Jeanty and my new hard drive. My computer is now running entirely off internal drives, with my iTunes Library safely backed up on my 1 TB MyBook drive. Plus, this whole crash allowed me to determine which apps I really needed on my computer and which ones I didn’t.

• So, the world must be coming to an end, as Larry Hughes has had two straight good games. First, a 40-point masterpiece, then a 26-point game in which he shot almost 60% from the field. The guy at heylarryhughespleasestoptakingsomanybadshots.com seem flummoxed. But someone out there has a theory.

• My boy Nick Loucks is a little down thanks to Syracuse getting debacled by South Florida. Hopefully Saturday’s big win over Georgetown will turn things back around for him and the ‘cuse. I have to admit, I was a big Cuse fan in the John Wallace/Lawrence Moten days, but since I went to a D-I school, that’s the only team I can really support (go Tigers!)

• Last, but definitely not least, “Lost” is back. And I mean that in every way. This season has been leaps and bounds better than last season, which actually ended up pretty good. Bearman forwarded me a theory about “Lost” based on something called the Valenzetti Equation, and the entire thing makes total sense. There’s stuff in there that seems to explain everything. It’s really amazing. Not sure if this whole theory is floating around on the internet, or if it only exists in this e-mail chain. If I find it on the ‘net, I’ll link to it. For now, with “Lost”, I’m taking a “watch and see” approach. That is, I’m not trying to figure it out any more, I’m just enjoying what is some really great television.


  1. Just reading this for the 1st time man... Thanks for the shout out... Yes, the win over Gtown DID make things better.


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