Wednesday Morning Ramblings

• Man, it’s been a weird few days for Britney Spears, since I declared she’d gone past rock bottom. On Monday, Dr. Phil announced he was canceling a planned one-hour special that would have analyzed Britney’s situation, saying it was “too intense”. Then on Tuesday, it was revealed that her car got towed and she had to get a ride home from the Paparazzi. Ouch. On a positive note, Mr. Blackwell left her off the annual Worst Dressed list, saying “she’s had a rough year.” Sympathy for Britney from Mr. Blackwell and Dr. Phil? Could people actually be listening to “Leave Britney Alone”? God I hope not.

• Joe Gibbs retired as the Redskins coach Tuesday. Honestly, I think this was the right move. The four-game win streak to get into the playoffs was the last hurrah for the old coach. Now it’s time for the ‘Skins to move into a new era.

• Speaking of new eras, the new “American Gladiators” debuted this week, and I was pretty impressed overall. There are definitely some kinks to be worked out (the whole show is over-produced, and they completely screwed up Assault) but overall, it’s not bad. Toa -- aka former Hawaii football player Tanoai Reed -- is definitely my favorite male gladiator (he’s best known as The Rock’s stunt double, but he also appeared in two episodes of “Buffy”). As for my favorite female... well, let’s just say Crush is an appropriate name. I definitely have a crush on her, after just two episodes.

• This week’s DGOW is Amanda Peet. That leaves only three more to be revealed before I start the tournament. Also, when the tournament starts, I will definitely keep unveiling new DGOW, so that way I can build up a field for the next tournament. Possibly, a couple years down the line, I’ll have a tournament of champions. Remember, we didn’t actually finish the first tournament, but PooZ and I declared Monica Bellucci the winner on the podcast a couple weeks back.

• As the days go by, I get more and more excited about “Lost.” Over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to re-watch the final few episodes of Season 3 to get ready for Season 4. I don’t care if its an abbreviated season (which reminds me -- get back to work, writers!) I just need my “Lost” fix.