Undefeated no more!

I’m not really sure what to say about what I just saw. The Patriots lost.

No, wait. The Giants WON.

That’s right. New York played a better football game than New England. Simple as that. So make sure you give them the credit they deserve.

Still, the story is the Patriots losing for the first time this season. Yeah, I’d love to shut up the ’72 Dolphins, but shutting up the Patriots fans is even sweeter.

So where does this rank in all-time sports upsets? Here’s my short list:

1. USA over USSR in 1980 Olympics
2. Buster Douglas over Mike Tyson
3. Giants over Patriots in Super Bowl XXII

So, third. Yes, this is a bigger upset than Jets-Colts, at least in my mind. The Colts were good, but not undefeated.

I’ll probably have MUCH more on this later, but for now I’m just happy we once again live in a world where teams from Boston don’t win everything.