Tuesday Night/Wednesday Morning Ramblings

• LeBron put on a show Tuesday night in Memphis, scoring 51 points, including 25 in the 4th quarter and OT. But he wasn’t perfect. In fact, when Mash asked me for some reasons why I responded, “do you have 30 minutes”. Now, everyone knows I love LeBron, but if you’re going to be an MVP (the point Jalen was making, that Mash wanted to counter), you have to shoot better than 4-of-8 from the free throw line in OT, and you can’t settle for such a crappy shot at the end of regulation. Great, yes. MVP? Not quite yet.

• Now, to be fair to LeBron, the crappy shot at the end of regulation might not have been entirely his fault. That seems like just the kind of steaming pile of dung Mike Brown would have drawn up. In fact, I can imagine LeBron leaving the huddle shaking his head in wonderment, running that crap play, then going back into the huddle for the start of OT and saying “OK coach, we tried it your way, now let’s do it my way and win.” And yes, I’m angry and bitter than Mike Brown got a contract extension that will likely keep him in Cleveland longer than LeBron -- because at the end of LeBron’s contract, he’s bailing for Brooklyn or Los Angeles, count on it.

• Speaking of steaming piles of dung, “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” premiered this week. I was watching the first episode while chatting online with PooZ, and I managed to point out 3 major problems within the first scene of the show. Each time, PooZ asked “why are you watching this?” Well, two words: Summer. Glau. The star of “Firefly” and “Serenity” is co-starring in this show, and so I had to tune in. After two episodes, I described the series to PooZ in this manner: “Good thing about the show: Summer Glau. Bad thing about the show: EVERYTHING ELSE!” But I’ll keep watching.

• Another thing I’m sticking with despite my better judgement is “Spider-Man: Brand New Day.” The first issue came out last week, and honestly, it’s not bad if you take it in the context of being a generic “Amazing Spider-Man” story from about 20 years ago. But the problem is it erases all the continuity we’ve come to know and love, so much so that they had to put a two-page primer in the issue so we’d know Spider-Man’s backstory. At least they kept Gwen Stacy dead. I’d like to think that bringing her back would have been the thing that kept me from ever reading it again.

• Last item of interest: I’ve booked my trip to Cleveland for late February/early March. I’ve already got my Cavs tickets in hand for two games. Now I just have to pray LeBron doesn’t get hurt between now and then, and I might actually get to see him play for once. Go me!