The Tournament Begins! (and other ramblings)

• After much hype and anticipation (or a couple mentions on the site and in the podcast), the DGOW Tournament is finally here! Shiri Appleby (formerly of “Roswell”) has been revealed as the final entrant, filling out the field of 32. The Tournament has its own page, available here, or at

• I’ll be posting previews of each round as the polls get posted. First up is the region in which Britney Spears is the No. 1 seed. And while I can’t imagine her losing in the first round, her recent craziness makes it hard to see her getting to the Final Four.

• As for actual college basketball (ya know, that thing that inspired this whole tournament format), I’ve been watching a lot more games lately -- since my job kind of requires it -- and I can’t see anyone beating Memphis OR Kansas. I know everyone thinks that Memphis could go unbeaten because their conference schedule is so easy, but Kansas could go unbeaten because they’re just that good. Or they could lose to K-State on Saturday (Michael Beasley is a beast).

• LeBron had another showdown with Kobe on Sunday and came away with the win -- both on a personal stats level and the team level. The Cavaliers are playing as well as any non-Hornets team in the league right now (even with that blown lead against Phoenix) but the injuries are starting to pile up. I could deal with Sasha Pavlovic being out for a month, but if Anderson Varejao is out for any extended time, that could really hurt the team (no pun intended).

• My trip to Cleveland is booked, paid for, and confirmed. I’m gonna get to see two games while I’m out there, and I’ll have full reports on each of them (Cavs-Wolves and Cavs-Bulls). Hopefully they’ll go much better than the dreadful Cavs-Celtics game I attended earlier this season. LeBron didn’t play. No one wanted to score. The Celtics won by 10. Yeah, that blew.

• Last note for today: last Friday, PooZ, Sarah and I went to see “Rambo”. I wasn’t expecting much. I even said to PooZ just before it started, “You know this is going to suck.” Except, it didn’t. Sure, the story was incredibly stupid, but once the body parts started flying (oh, and they flew) that didn’t matter any more. It was just Rambo kicking ass for an hour, which was just what I needed. Sure, some of the levels of violence bordered on the absurd, but we don’t get enough of that in movies anymore. Everything has to be toned down for ratings. Not this. This was bloody and it was awesome.