Three to Get Ready: January 5-7

Saturday January 5
Redskins at Seahawks, 4:30 ET on NBC
Are the Washington Redskins a team of destiny? Can Todd Collins really lead a team on the road and win a playoff game? Has Joe Gibbs recaptured the magic? Is this writing style of asking lots of questions really annoying? Yes, yes, yes, and very yes. I’m not scheduled to work until 5:30 on Saturday, but I’ll be coming in an hour early so I can be in place to watch this game. I know lots of experts are talking about how hard it is to win in Seattle, but the Redskins have been winning hard games for a month now.

Sunday January 6
Cavaliers at Raptors, 1 ET on Fox Sports Ohio
The Cavaliers have gotten back to what got them to the Finals last year: hard-nosed defense and letting LeBron carry the offense. They threw up a stinker last week in New Orleans, but otherwise the plan has been working. The Cavaliers are back in the playoff picture in the East, and with a couple more wins, could be right back in the top half of the conference -- which is actually where the Raptors currently reside.

Monday January 7
BCS National Championship Game
LSU vs Ohio State, 8 ET on FOX
We’ve been counting down to this one for more than a month here on and it’s almost here. With Hawaii’s loss (holy crap that was bad), one of these teams will officially be named the 2007 National Champion. And let’s be honest, that’s the real title these guys are playing for on Monday. And look, we all know that Georgia and USC are both playing really well right now and both seem like they deserve some kind of shot, but that’s not going to happen, so we shouldn’t let that take away from what should be a pretty damn good game.