Lost-a-thon 08 (and other Wednesday Night Ramblings)

• What am I doing with my back-to-back days off this week (besides posting a comic book review that I should have had up two weeks ago?) Well, I’m re-watching most of Season 3 of “Lost”, leading up to Thursday’s Season 4 premiere. I started with episode 6 (the last episode of the mediocre mini-season that started Season 3) and I’m through about 12 episodes so far. I’ll finish off the rest Thursday, including the special version of “Through the Looking Glass” that aired on Wednesday night with all the little facts included.

• Worth noting, I’m watching the episodes on Blu Ray -- which is just visually stunning. But the Blu Ray discs also have a feature called “Season Play”, which means when I turn off my PS3 tonight, it’ll pick right up where I left off. If I put in the wrong disc, because I can’t remember exactly where I left off, the PS3 will prompt me for the right disc. Very cool feature.

• My DVD player in my basement doesn’t do that. This is pertinent, because I’m re-watching the entire “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” series. I’ve been working out on my exercise bike and rotating through various movies, when I decided to just make “Buffy” part of my routine. With the episodes being about 40 minutes long, they make for the perfect workout timer (I can bike for 10 minutes, take a 2 minute break, and start biking again).

• Also “Buffy” related, I’ve updated the collection section, adding pictures of the “Essence of” statues and scans of all the latest comics. Honestly, I don’t see that section growing much more, since there doesn’t seem to be much more stuff coming.

• Don’t forget to vote in the Desktop Girl of the Week Tournament. Right now, there’s an upset brewing, as Kiele Sanchez has a slight lead over Britney Spears. Now, you all know my feelings on Britney, but I could have never imagined that so many people were so down on here that they’d rather vote for one of the most detested characters in TV history.