Lost Season 4 Premiere Live Blog

It’s finally here! The season 4 premiere of “Lost”, the greatest show on television (and yes, my 12+ hours of “Lost” viewing over the past 2 days has probably left me biased). I’ll be taking notes throughout the episode. Honestly, these won’t make sense if you haven’t seen it, but who cares?


• We open with a flash-forward (and this time, no tricks, we know it’s a flash-forward almost immediately).

• Hey, Jack’s not crazy yet. He’s drinking, but he’s not crazy.

• Oceanic 6?! Six?! Who are the other three?! Is one of them the person in the coffin?

• Why would Hurley lie about knowing Ana-Lucia? Is there something -- or lots of things -- the “Oceanic 6” haven’t told the public about their ordeal?

• Jack might not be crazy yet, but Hurley sure is. I wonder what the status of his lottery winnings is. Did he lose all his money and his family? And why is the memory of Charlie haunting him? Wow, less than 10 minutes in and there’s already a ton of questions.

• Back on the island, and this scene is pretty much what I would have expected. Hey, look, it’s Ben, trying to manipulate people again.

• Wow, Hurley’s so happy. It’s amazing how much the people who got off the island went from happy to unhappy. What happens in the last three seasons?

• “I’m sorry, brother.” That’s it. That’s all you’re gonna say. Maybe you should bring up the fact that, I don’t know, Charlie sacrificed himself to save everyone. Maybe then it wouldn’t be so much of a downer.

• Um, how is Naomi alive? That knife to the back looked pretty damn fatal.

• Wow, is Hurley taking a leadership role? First the van in last year’s finale, then tossing the walkie into the ocean. I like this new confident Hurley. Too bad he ends up crazy off the island.

• Hurley’s back in the mental hospital. I wonder if he’ll get any Libby-related answers.

• Um, I don’t trust this Oceanic representative, but I get the feeling we’ll be seeing more of him in these flash-forwards.

• Wow, ok, creepy guy knows WAY more than he should. And I’m guessing the public knows WAY less. Holy crap this is awesome.

• Back on the island, Hurley got separated from the group, and it looks like he’s come upon Jacob’s cabin. I’m gonna say that this probably has a profound impact on his future craziness (oh, and BTW, “Lost” has the most horribly-timed and well-timed commercial breaks. They always come right as the action is getting interesting. It kills you that a break is coming, but you’re not going anywhere. I got so used to watching the episodes break-free in the last 2 days that I kind of forgot about this).

• Gotta be honest, that whole Jack/Ben-Kate/Naomi thing did nothing for me. But hey, at least we know Naomi’s got some evil in her, and the freighter people are coming.

• Jacob is scaring the shit out of Hurley, and starting to scare me too.

• Oh, it’s Locke. Wait, is Locke Jacob? No, no, that can’t be right. Stupid commerical break. Wait, that’s 2 in 5 minutes. That’s that bullshit right there.

• I have ZERO desire to watch “Eli Stone”, but I HAVE to see that Oceanic Airlines commercial. That’s what DVRs are for, my friend.

• Interesting. If Hurley’s siding with Locke (as this scene makes it seem) then how does he end up as one of the “six”?

• Damn, I thought we were gonna get a big confrontation. Instead we got a big reunion. And where did that huge part of plane come from? Is that from 815, or another wreck?

• Man, between Libby, Charlie and the whole Season 2 finale, Hurley’s had to deal with some real shitty emotional stuff so far.

• WTF!!!!! Charlie?!!!! How the fuck?!!! WHAT?!!!

• I repeat: WHAT?!

• OK, I’m so tired of Hurley’s hallucinations. But at least we get to say goodbye to Charlie.

• “They need you.” Is that at all related to “We have to go back.”? God, I hope so. This is fucking incredible. I love this show.

• Finally. Our Jack-Locke showdown. We’ve been waiting 9 months for this.

• Holy crap. Jack was going to shoot Locke. Well, that changes things.

• Um, this is more like “crazy Jack” from the season 3 flash-forward than any other Jack we’ve seen before.

• OK, so the whole group is together now, and “they’re on their way”. That’s ominous. Hey, it’s leader Hurley again. I like this guy. He’s better than leader Jack, leader Locke and leader Sawyer put together (and probably heavier too, hey-o!)

• Ok, so what happens now. Two very different groups, waiting for the freighter people. I don’t see this ending well.

• This is so weird seeing this version of off-island Jack. “Thinking about growing a beard.” Nice

• This conversation is even more ominous that they “they’re on their way” comment. I really want to know how much they’ve told people and how much they’ve kept secret.

• “We’re never going back!” That seemed more like Jack being angry about that fact than trying to convince Hurley of it. I’m pretty sure he’s not as “with it” as his appearance would suggest.

• Oooh. A helicopter. Now things are getting really interesting. Of course, I look up at my clock and there’s only two minutes left in the episode. Man, I hate this.

• “Are you Jack?” I’m not sure I’d answer that.

• And of course we’re not going to get an answer this week. I can’t wait until next week. That teaser wasn’t NEARLY enough. “I’ll tell you why we’re here!” I seriously doubt that freighter guy.