Friday Afternoon Ramblings

• As my front page has said for a week now, “holy crap, Lindsay is hot again!” Check out that picture from the premiere of “Cloverfield”. She’s almost all the way back. Lindsay, I’m ready to take you back.

• Britney, you still stay away. Holy crap, you’re more crazy than ever. I’ve tried to keep up with all the latest developments, but I can’t. She’s just too crazy to track.

• Oh, as for “Cloverfield”, I saw it the day it came out and have been meaning to write about it since (there was that neverending tennis match that kind of got in the way). I know “Cloverfield” won’t appeal to everyone, but honestly, it’s a really well-done movie. The party scene at the beginning is WAY too long, but once it gets past that, everything moves really quickly. I liked that we didn’t get the scene with the scientist explaining how all this was happening, leaving us with the same “in the dark” feeling as the characters. One of my friends complained that with most of the characters, you actually wanted them to die because they were annoying. I didn’t see this as a problem, since the opening premise of the movie establishes that they’re all probably dead anyone. And besides, I was kind of rooting for Rob to get back to Beth, whether she was dead or not.

• Some of the TV series I’d been watching at the beginning of the season are starting to come back and burn off their remaining pre-strike episodes. “Big Shots” is actually getting watchable (something it wasn’t at the beginning of the season) and “Carpoolers” has actually been funny. NBC aired the last 2 episodes of “Chuck” last night, and I’ll probably catch up on them sometime today.

• I’m loving how the Cavaliers have been playing lately. That third quarter Wednesday against the Wizards was a thing of beauty. LeBron is back on track, and I don’t even think the injury to Sasha will matter at all -- if anything, he’s been a liability on offense, and not particularly good on defense. According to the folks at, the Cavaliers are -3.1 points per game when Pavlovic is on the court. They’re +3.2 with Daniel Gibson playing. So with Boobie getting more minutes now, they should be even better than the team that’s gone 11-2 since Christmas (that is as long as Eric “-14.3” Snow doesn’t get more minutes, too).