College Football Top 10 - Final Edition for the 2007 Season

Ya know, it just wouldn't be an edition of the College Football Rankings without my entire order being exploded... so here we are, again. In bowl season, 4 of my top 5 teams lost, once again causing destruction in the rankings. So let's take a look at how things ended up.

1. LSU (previous: 2)
Can't really argue with their credentials now. Sure, beating Ohio State doesn't seem like a big deal in my eyes, but they did it in convincing fashion. Good for them.

2. Georgia (previous: 7)
Man, I sure wish I could have seen this team play LSU. If only to have avoided the embarrassment of seeing them destroy my No. 1 team (what was I thinking?!). The Dawgs looked as good as any team in the country over the last month and a half.

3. USC (previous: 6)
Boy, if only J.D. Booty admitted he was hurt and sat out the Stanford game, instead of trying to play and possibly costing his team a spot in the national championship. They'll be my preseason No. 1 heading into next season (not that I actually do a preseason poll -- you won't see a poll from me until at least Week 6).

4. Missouri (previous: 8)
Look, Georgia and USC have national title beefs, but they lost twice. Missouri, on the other hand, was No. 1 heading into the final week of the season and didn't even get a BCS Bowl bid. Tony Temple proved he belonged with the big boys, and did it against one of the teams (Arkansas) that beat LSU. Connect the dots... La, la, la, la... Connect the dots...

5. West Virginia (previous: 9)
The experts say that if you're in a bowl game with an interim coach, you're in trouble. Well, for most of bowl season, that was right. Then Bill Stewart and West Virginia proved that wrong -- and did it without Steve Slaton for pretty much the entire game. Not bad.

6. Kansas (previous: 10)
Remember what I wrote about Missouri about 2 paragraphs ago? Well, due to BCS rules, to put Missouri in the BCS, we would have had to remove Kansas. And the Jayhawks actually proved they belonged by beating Virginia Tech solidly. So, I really have no idea what to do about this (Playoffs?! Don't talk about playoffs?! You kiddin' me, playoffs?!)

7. Ohio State (previous: 3)
Honestly, if I could drop them any lower I would, but I'm out of non-crappy teams. At one point in the national championship game, FOX showed a graphic with the seniority of OSU's 2-deep. They're mostly sophomores and juniors. Which means OSU could be back next year. I beg of you, Harris Poll and Coaches Poll voters. Please make sure this doesn't happen.

8. Virginia Tech (previous: 5)
Yeah, they lost their BCS bowl game, but at least they weren't a total embarrassment.

9. Oklahoma (previous: 4)
They WERE an embarrassment. Please, Big 12 teams, beat this team in the Big 12 title game so they can stop going to BCS games.

10. Texas (previous: UR)
The Longhorns had their share of problems this year, but by the end of the season, they seemed to have figured them out. The 52 points they dropped on ASU in the Holiday Bowl (as an aside, always an exciting game) were damn impressive. This team -- combined with the other 3 Big 12 teams in this top 10 -- could make for a pretty good conference next season.

Dropped out: Hawaii (previous rank: 1... God, I'm stupid...)