Buffy: Season 8, Issue 10 Review

The first issue following the Faith arc is called “Anywhere But Here” and picks up the Buffy/Willow sub-plot that was seen running concurrently with the Faith arc.

The story is very reminiscent to some of the plots we saw in Season 7, when Buffy, Giles and crew were trying to get answers about The First. In this case, the villain is now “Twilight” (who, for the most part, remains a mystery), but many of the journeys are the same.

To be honest, that’s not entirely a bad thing. Some of the first 9 issues of this series were so different from what we’d seen on the TV series -- in part because the comic format allowed Joss to do things he couldn’t do on TV -- that its nice to see some familiar elements. Buffy and Willow on a mystical journey for answers (i.e. Season 5’s “The Weight of the World”), Xander and Dawn sharing a heart-to-heart (i.e. Season 7’s “Potential”) and even a blast from the past in terms of the artwork.

That’s right, for the first issue in this run, Cliff Richards is back. He drew about 50 issues of the original Buffy series with Dark Horse, and his character likenesses were probably the best of anyone (save for Jo Chen’s cover art, which has been flawless so far). I haven’t been a fan of “Giant Dawn” so far, but his facial similarity to the actual actors is a big difference from Georges Jeanty’s more stylized look.

Two small nit-picks: I could have used at least one scene with “Twilight” (or whatever his name is) playing off the ending to issue #9. Also, the Willow-Robin interaction was just a little too weird. I understand that Willow has all these mystical powers now, but it seems like at times, she’s so powerful she could really wipe out any threat with her mind, and these time games don’t do anything to disprove that.