Britney Spears: WAY past rock bottom...

It was late in the evening when the news crossed the wire at the WWL... police had been dispatched to the home of Britney Spears in what was being called a “custodial dispute”.

As the night went on, the story just got more and more out of control -- all while we were doing a show entirely about sports, with no mention of Britney whatsoever (that’s not to say we weren’t talking about it during commercial breaks or feature pieces... because we were... gotta love for the breaking news updates).

Here are the basic details as we know them, right now:

-Britney showed up nearly 2 hours late for her 2 hour deposition Thursday morning, then was deposed for all of 12 minutes.
-When K-Fed’s security showed up at 8 p.m. to take the kids from Britney, they were rebuffed (details are still a little hazy on this
-The police were called in, and one statement was released to the press that called the incident a “family custodial dispute that we are trying to resolve ... peacefully by court order.” (worth noting: if you’ve gone to the step of “court order”, you are well past the point of peaceful resolution).
-Britney was eventually taken out of the house on a gurney and loaded into an ambulance, allegedly as a result of being under the influence of what multiple media outlets are calling a “substance”.
-A child may or may not have also been loaded into an ambulance. Details are hazy on that too.

So, basically, Britney’s done.

At this point, there’s pretty much no lower she can go without actually devouring her children on live television, then attempting to dance. Right? I mean, really. This is just pathetic.

Remember the break-up letter I wrote to Lindsay Lohan a few months back? (On an aside -- that letter seems to have turned around Lindsay’s life, at least until her little New Year’s Eve relapse.)

Well, we’re beyond that with Britney. It doesn’t matter if I break up with her or not, she’s just not going to get the message.

Now, I’ve been one of Britney’s biggest supporters throughout the years. Honestly, if I weren’t as well-adjusted as I am (something many of you who know me may dispute) I could have easily done something as crazy as “Leave Britney Alone” (ok, maybe not that insane, but I really, really liked Britney back in the day). But this is truly the end.

At this point, my only interest in Britney (at least going forward; I’m not going to stop listening to the music she already released) is as a Mike Tyson or Isiah Thomas-like figure. It’s like a never-ending train wreck that keeps blowing up every time you think the fire’s almost out.

Oh, and by the way, check out Britney’s career album sales... not exactly a trend you want to have as a successful music artist.