Angel: After the Fall, Issue #3 Review

Three issues into the ongoing “Angel” series we still have very few answers about what led to the circumstances we’re in now (the entire city of L.A. being sucked into hell) but we are getting some answers about the current circumstances. Illyria and Spike are in Beverly Hills, giving off the appearance of neutrality while helping Connor. Connor has become a champion for the remaining humans, and Angel is one of those humans.

Wait, what?

I’ll get to that shortly. For now, let me say that this issue had the best action of any of the 3 so far. I loved the throwdown between Illyria and Angel. The appearance of the dragon was also fantastic, though I’d still like to know what led Angel to tame him and and not slay him, as he stated he wanted to do with the last lines of the TV series.

There’s some nice Season 5-esque interplay between Angel and the Lords of L.A., which was much needed. So far, through two issues, we hadn’t really seen Angel do much of anything that resembled an Angel-like plan, but that all came to fruition in this issue.

Of course, this issue really boils down to the last three lines, an Angel voiceover:
“Another thing about Hell. Doesn’t alter a vampire’s healing faculties, so a vamp can still mend quickly. Which, of course, would mean so much more... if I were still a vampire.”
So what does this mean. Is Angel human (as I suggested a few paragraphs ago)? Well, we don’t know. That’s where the issue ends. If Angel were human now, that would sure answer any lingering questions about the outcome of the Shanshu prophecy.

Honestly, this issue, more than any of the series so far, felt like a Season 4 or Season 5 episode, which is a very good thing. Still, with no resolution (or even progression) on the Gunn storyline, I can’t quite give it a perfect score.