Wednesday Afternoon Ramblings

• LeBron James returned to the lineup last night, but actually came off the bench. There was a while there when I thought he wasn’t going to play, but after about 6 minutes -- 6 agonizing minutes for a LeBron fan -- he came into the game. He didn’t have a HUGE game, but just having him back out there was apparently all the Cavs needed; they rolled over the Pacers.

• Speaking of the Cavs, I bought my tickets for two games in the spring -- Feb. 29 against the Wolves and March 2 against the Bulls. Now I just need to take care of my travel -- and hope LeBron doesn’t get hurt again -- and I’ll finally get to see him play in person.

• Yesterday, I finally caught up on comic books with a big trip to Buried Under. I was about a month behind, but I picked up all the issues I needed, including Buffy #9. Within the next couple days I’ll post a review of that issue (and Season 8 to this point) and from this point out, I’ll try to post reviews of all issues of Season 8 of Buffy and Season 6 of Angel.

• So TV is finally starting to wind down, thanks to the ongoing writers strike. In fact, some shows may have already finished their seasons completely, barring some amazing development that gets things back into production quickly. So on that note, tonight’s Fave 5 will be on my 5 favorite TV series from this season.

• One show you won’t see on the list, much to my surprise, is “Heroes”. I loved Volume One, but Volume Two didn’t have nearly the same storytelling snappiness. The first 6 or so episodes just seemed dragged out, and even the conclusion was underwhelming. The last few episodes were good enough to make me excited about Volume Three, if and when that happens.

• You may have noticed DGOW was late this week. I’m having a much harder time finding girls I like who I haven’t already spotlighted, without resorting to models (one of my rules when I started DGOW was the girls had to have an actual talent other than “looking pretty”). However, there’s only a few more weeks before I put DGOW on hiatus to start the DGOW TOURNAMENT! Once I’ve compiled 32 DGOWs since the site re-design, I’ll go ahead and post the bracket.