Wednesday Afternoon Ramblings - Crazy Spears 2, The Revenge of Jamie Lynn!

• Who would have ever thought that Britney would ever regain the title of “sane Spears sister”. Well, my friends, today, vindication thy name is BRITNEY! Again, not so much because of any regained sanity on her part, but because her 16-year-old sister Jamie Lynn -- previously a TV darling and thought to be the “normal” Spears sister -- is pregnant! At 16! Hell, Britney was in her 20s before she got knocked up! I’m just amazed by this development.

• So for those keeping track at home, here’s the “sisters to the stars” track record:

-Ashlee Simpson: embarrassed in SNL incident.
-Nicky Hilton: annulled marriage after 1 year
-Jamie Lynn Spears: knocked up at 16

My money’s on Ali Lohan doing something batshit insane in the next year or so.

• Remember a few weeks back when I did my Podcast and PooZ and I were so excited about seeing “I Am Legend”? Well, it’s been out for 6 days and neither of us has seen it yet. Thanks to work schedules and northeast weather systems, we just haven’t found the time. At this point, we’re thinking about doing the December edition of the podcast without having seen it, but I’m at least hoping to see it before the end of this weekend.

• Sean Taylor: Pro Bowler. I hope the NFC team does the same thing the Redskins did and starts the game with 10 players. It’d also be nice if they didn’t issue #21 to anyone on the team this year.

• The “Lost” Season 4 Trailer is out! I’m so freaking excited for this season, even if it is going to be truncated. Check it out: