We Are All Witnesses - to a DNP

Well, that was a disappointment.

After spraining his left index finger last Wednesday, LeBron James missed his 2nd straight game, Sunday in Boston. This was the 2nd time that I was going to get my first chance to see LeBron, and once again I failed. At least this time I got to see a game. The Big Three all played (though not well) and the Celtics ended up winning by 10.

Honestly, it wasn’t a bad day. I got to see an NBA game in person, from about 20 feet away from the court. I got lots of great pictures (including the opening tap shot that you see here), and I even came up with a plan.

My parents had already agreed to pay for my sister to take a trip to New York for Christmas. Now, since I’m working Christmas, I can’t exactly do that, but I can have my Christmas gift be a trip to Cleveland. I’m going to try and get the time off in February to go to a couple Cavs games. Even if LeBron doesn’t play (which would be a horrible stroke of luck for me), I’d at least get the Cavaliers home atmosphere.

For now, enjoy the photos I took in Boston, and check back later this week on my thoughts on the NBA season to this point.