Three to Get Ready: December 15-17

Saturday, December 15
Nuggets at Spurs, 8:30 ET on Fox Sports Southwest
Normally this would be the kind of game the Spurs would be guaranteed to win -- at home against a team they historically have dominated -- but don't be so sure Saturday. San Antonio could be without both Tony Parker and Tim Duncan. The loss of Duncan is big, for obvious reasons, with without Parker it's going to be VERY hard for the Spurs to slow down Allen Iverson. Don't be surprised to see an upset in this one.

Sunday, December 16
Redskins at Giants, 8:15 ET on NBC
The Redskins aren't out of the playoff picture just yet, but a loss here would just about do it. I really think this team is better than its record shows, but they've had some close losses that haven't helped. Obviously if Washington can make the playoffs, it would make for a great story, in the aftermath of the Sean Taylor murder, but I'm not counting on it. I'll take a win over the Giants (so long as Plaxico Burress can score a TD to help my fantasy team -- God, I hate this crap. I'm retiring from Fantasy Football).

Monday, December 17
Bucks at Cavaliers, 7 ET on Fox Sports Ohio
Obviously every Cavs game is important to me, but beating the Bucks has become a personal goal of mine for the team. I think of it as a way of getting revenge on Michael Redd for taking the big money instead of coming to Cleveland to play with LeBron. God, I wish Redd was on the Cavs. Not only is he the perfect player to complement King James, but he's a really cool guy (I met him last year and he was just really down-to-earth and approachable).