Sunday Afternoon Ramblings (and Hail to the Redskins)

• As I write this, the Redskins are leading the Cowboys 10-0 in their quest to qualify for the playoffs. The Saints already lost today and the Vikings are currently trailing, so Washington may not even need a win, but going into the playoffs on a roll would be nice.

• Also, Todd Collins should start at QB in the playoffs. Jason Campbell is still my guy long-term, but he’s going to be semi-hurt and rusty. Collins is playing well right now. Joe Gibbs just just tell Campbell, “you’re my guy for next season, but right now, we’re going to ride Todd.” Then tell Collins, “you’re my guy for the playoffs, but come summer, the job is Jason’s to lose.”

• Following up on some items from the Podcast (and if you haven’t listened yet, what’s wrong with you?):

-If you’re having trouble listening to it through a browser, I’m honestly not surprised. It’s a pretty big file. Use iTunes to subscribe to it. That’ll probably work better.
-When PooZ and I were talking sneakers, we mentioned the Allen Iversons that had the weird soles. Those were actually the Answer 1. We were correct in saying the Questions were good, and that most of his sneakers were good, but we got the number wrong on that one. Our bad.
-While the foamposite look was used on Kevin Garnett’s signature sneaker, it’s best known for its appearance on the Air Penny sneakers
-Issue 4 of One More Day is out, as are some of the follow up issues to World War Hulk. I picked them up. Most of our concerns were valid. I will have a full post about the end of “One More Day” later this week.
-I’ve set up an e-mail address for the podcast. Just shoot a message to

• I really can’t figure out the Cavaliers at all. Two straight nice wins, including a dominant second half against Dallas, followed by a complete stinker in New Orleans. This team baffles me.

• Also baffling is Damon Jones’s perception of himself. Holy crap, dude, you’re not that good. Get over yourself. Ya know what, you sucked before you played with Shaq. That one year in Miami was all Shaq, not you. The defenses collapsed on him and you made open shots for the first -- and apparently last -- time in your life. Now you can’t shoot even when everyone collapses on LeBron. And you think you can big time your coach? Fuck that.

• Oh, also, fuck the people who say the Cavs won’t make the playoffs. Yes, I know the standings as of today show them on the outside looking in, but the reality of it is that they’re also only two and a half games out of 4th place. That’s right, 2.5 games separates 4th from 10th in the East. So Cleveland is far from out of it. And do you really think LeBron isn’t making the playoffs (the other Cavs, maybe? LeBron, not so much).

• Oh, by the way, happy birthday to LeBron James (23 years old) and Eliza Dushku (27 years old). Ya know, given my love for LeBron and the Cavs, and “Buffy”, December 30th should probably be a holiday for me. Well, I am home from work (on my regular scheduled off day). So I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.