Playoffs?! Don't Talk about Playoffs!!

So despite EVERYTHING the Redskins have gone through this year -- Sean Taylor’s death, Jason Campbell’s injury, Joe Gibbs costing the team at least one win -- the ‘Skins are on the verge of the playoffs.

Last night’s performance against Minnesota was exactly the kind of game this team was built for. They put 8 men in the box on defense and let their corners -- who are above-average one-on-one defenders -- take care of an underwhelming group of receivers. On offense, there was a steady dose of Clinton Portis and Todd Collins -- Who Knew?! -- made important throws when he needed to.

Now it comes down to this: if the Redskins win Sunday against the Cowboys -- who have NOTHING to play for -- then Washington is going to the Playoffs (playoffs?!). Now, this has all the makings of an easy game for Washington. Rivals coming into town, star WR hurt, quarterback not likely to play much. So why do I keep thinking “Cowboys 38, Redskins 16”? Maybe I’m just a pessimist. But I hope the ‘Skins can prove me wrong one more time.