Fuck Brian Westbrook (and other random thoughts)

• The decision by Brian Westbrook to fall at the one-yard line instead of scoring a touchdown has been covered at length in the blogosphere, but I need to say something: FUCK Brian Westbrook. This douche is the star of the one fantasy team I care about (the money league) and he decides to drop to the fucking ground instead of running up the score on the God-forsaken Cowboys. Now I know why I hate both of these teams (yes, the Cowboys deserve blame for this too, somehow, I’m sure). To be fair, I ended up losing my semifinal by more than 6 points, so Westbrook’s TD wouldn’t have made the difference (on a related note: FUCK Bernard Berrian and Plaxico Burress too), but it was still a dick move from a fantasy standpoint (the football fan in me loves the move, and thinks Westbrook is a genius, but it’s hard to see that point of view right now -- just another reason why I’m retiring from Fantasy Football).

• Beyond Brian Westbrook, the real reason we lost this week: wide receivers. Berrian, Burress and Larry Fitzgerald combined for 13 points. They normally get about 13 points EACH. We lost by 13 points. D’oh.

• Non-Fantasy Football news: my Redskins are back to .500 and in the thick of the NFC playoff race (especially if they beat the Vikings this week). I’m really happy to see the team doing so well, especially after all they’ve been through this year (Sean Taylor’s death, Jason Campbell’s injury, Joe Gibbs’ extra timeout costing the team a win). I’m really rooting for this Redskins team to make the playoffs, probably more than any Redskins team in recent memory. Oh, and I wore my new Santana Moss jersey proudly on Monday.

• Speaking of Monday -- John Cash and I were discussing rap music, and he specifically started talking Jay-Z. Now, you know based on past entries on this blog that I like Jay-Z, however, I don’t think he’s the best rapper of all-time, in fact, I don’t think he’s in the top 5. Cash agreed with me, then took it a step further. He called Jay-Z “overrated” (which I agree with -- remember “overrated” only means “rated too highly”, not “bad”) then added “he’s painfully average.” Whoa. Slow down there captain. “Overrated”, yes. “Average”, not a chance. He then said he could name at least 20 rappers better than Jay-Z. I agreed with some of his choices (Run DMC, Slick Rick, Eric B & Rakim) but when he mentioned Queen Latifah and Salt ‘N’ Pepa, we were done.

• Where would I rank Jay-Z? Hmm, honestly, I’m not sure. But some quick ones off the top of my head that I’d put above Jay-Z: Eric B & Rakim, Slick Rick, NWA, Biggie, Eminem, Method Man, KRS-One. That’s not in any order. And that’s not to say that Jay-Z is behind only them. But based on that, I think it’s safe to say Jay-Z is at least Top 20, if not Top 10. He’s just not No. 1 (and he’s not “average”).

• This week’s DGOW is Christina Aguilera (who I can’t believe I’ve never featured before). Today is her 27th birthday, and it has to be said that despite not being in the spotlight nearly as much as she was in the early part of this decade, she definitely won the Christina vs Britney battle -- almost by default.

• Also, Christina is the 26th DGOW since I relauched the feature. That means only 6 more to go before the DGOW Tournament! Anyone you want to see make the field? Then just leave a comment and let me know. I’m trying to leave the last 6 spots for people who weren’t spotlighted in the original DGOW run, so check the archives before you make your suggestion.