Tuesday Afternoon Mini-Ramblings

• So last night’s episode of “Heroes” was incredible. I couldn’t believe the ending. My jaw actually dropped and stayed that way through the closing credits and preview of next week’s episode. Holy crap. That’s only the second time I can remember being so shocked by an ending to an episode (the other being the season 4 finale of “Alias”). And by the way, I’m so thrilled that David Anders is sticking around, and is back to being bad. He’s the fucking man. Plus, he gives me my weekly “Alias” fix (because Michael Vartan’s new show “Big Shots” is likely going to be cancelled soon, and rightfully so).

•The NBA season is a week old now, and I’m going to post my playoff predictions, which I formulated before the season. But here are some quickie thoughts on the first week:

•Team that’s better than I thought: Orlando Magic. Sure, they could still implode, but I doubt it. Dwight Howard is for real, Rashard Lewis is earning his dough, and Hedo Turkoglu looks revitalized (well, actually, he looks as ugly as ever, but he’s playing pretty).

•Team that’s worse than I thought: Washington Wizards. I still feel like they’ll get it together, but maybe Agent Zero’s insanity has finally gotten to them.

•Team that’s better than it looks: Cleveland Cavaliers. Remember what I said about their early-season schedule. Sure, it’s possible they’ll start 2-8. They’ll still win 45 games.

•Team that’s worse than it looks: New York Knicks. Sure, they’re 1-1, and they’ve played two close games, but don’t be fooled. This is a 32-35 win team.

• Now for those long awaited playoff predictions:

Eastern Conference
1 Celtics def. 8 Raptors
2 Bulls def. 7 Nets
6 Pistons def. 3 Wizards
5 Heat def. 4 Cavaliers

Heat def. Celtics
Bulls def. Pistons

Heat def. Bulls

Western Conference
1 Spurs def. 8 Lakers
2 Suns def. 7 Grizzlies
6 Jazz def. 3 Mavericks
5 Rockets def. 4 Nuggets

Spurs def. Rockets
Suns def. Jazz

Spurs def. Suns

Spurs def. Heat