Three to Get Ready: Thanksgiving Edition

The three sporting events I’m most looking forward to watching while staving off a tryptophan-induced coma this Thursday (I’ll have another edition either late Friday or Saturday morning - Fave 5 returns next week).

Packers at Lions, 12:30 ET on FOX
Remember those years where the only thing good about watching the Lions on Thanksgiving was the hope that Barry Sanders might do something awesome? Remember how you longed for those years during the even-worse Matt Millen era? Well, this year’s edition of the Lions is actually worth watching. My fantasy team is in first place in its division on the strength of Kitna Time! Plus, the Packers are a legit Super Bowl contender, thanks to a rejuvenated Brett Favre and a strong defense. Over the past couple weeks, their previously non-existent running game has even shown up. This is a two turkey leg game, at least.

11 USC at 6 Arizona State, 8 ET on ESPN
In this crazy college football season, Arizona State could still end up in the national championship game. Sure, a few teams ahead of the Sun Devils need to lose, but at least one of them will in this weekend’s Missouri-Kansas game. The biggest problem for ASU is that Ohio State, currently one spot ahead of ASU in the BCS rankings, doesn’t play again. Plus, the two teams are already tied in the computers, the one BCS component that would definitely go in ASU’s favor with a win over USC. So, while it won’t be easy for the Sun Devils, all they can do is take care of business on the field.

Western Kentucky at 14 Gonzaga, 11:30 ET on ESPNU
Seriously, if you’re still awake by the time this game tips off in Alaska, you’re either working with me, or you didn’t have nearly enough turkey. Still, this should be a great early-season mid-major matchup. Both teams are 3-0 coming into the game, and the Zags are already in the Top 15 of the rankings. By the way, Gonzaga has their own star freshman Austin Daye, who’s averaging 18 points per game so far in three easy wins. Things get pretty damn hard from here on out though -- after Alaska, the Zags go on the road at St. Joe’s and UConn, then host Washington State. They’re at Oklahoma just before Christmas, host Tennessee just before New Year’s, then host Georgia in the first week of January. You can’t knock that non-conference schedule.