Three to Get Ready: November 10-12

A look ahead at the three sporting events I’ll be watching this weekend (and yes, because of the NFL season and my standard work schedule, Monday counts as part of the weekend. Friday does not. My life is weird like that. But hey, welcome back NBA!).

Saturday, November 10
Kansas at Oklahoma State, 8 ET on ABC

Kansas is unbeaten. Let that sink in for a second.
Ok, good now? Seriously, the Jayhawks are not only unbeaten, but have one of the most explosive offenses in the country, and a defensive back (Aqib Talib) who might be the most athletic player that anyone has on that side of the ball. Plus, they're playing OK State, and crazy coach Gundy, who could always go off after the game.

Sunday, November 11 (happy birthday, mom!)
Vikings at Packers, 1 ET on FOX
The Packers are 7-1 and feature not only Brett Favre, but a pretty solid rushing defense. That defense is bound to be tested Sunday against Adrian Peterson, who has reached "must-watch" status. He ran for 296 yards last week and honestly looked like he wasn't even trying that hard. Sure, this guy is one popped collarbone away from never playing again, but while he's there, and running hard, please watch him. He's on pace for 2,000 yards this season, and could challenge Eric Dickerson's single-season record. He was the real deal at Oklahoma, and he's the real deal in the league.

Monday, November 12 (happy birthday, Sammy Sosa!)
Cavaliers at Nuggets, 9 ET on NBA TV
LeBron vs Carmelo is always a show, but the stakes have been raised since LeBron made it to the Finals last year. In fact, out of the 2003 Draft's Big Three (LeBron, Carmelo and Wade), 'Melo is the only one who hasn't reached the Finals -- and he hasn't even won a playoff series. HOWEVER (as Stephen A. Smith would say), Carmelo is 5-2 against LeBron in their career meetings (he was suspended for the first Cavs-Nuggets game last year), and LeBron has scored just 20.2 PPG career against 'Melo's Nuggets.