Sunday Night Ramblings

• So I haven’t written much about the Cavaliers this season. That’s going to change this week, but I’ll start you off with this: LeBron James just had his 2nd straight triple-double, and it wasn’t just a triple-double. It was his 2nd straight 30-10-10 game. The last guy to do that in back-to-back games was Kobe back in 2002. The last guy to do that on back-to-back days was MJ back in 1988. So, yeah, you might want to be better than LeBron, but you can’t be.

• If you missed my post from earlier today, I turned “My Favorite NBA Things” into a YouTube video. I’m pretty happy with how things turned out.

• I’m also happy with my NBA jersey collection, which I finally updated with new pictures. When I posted my jersey collection online a few years ago (yeah, it’s been that long) one of my colleagues pointed out to me that the composition of the photos was pretty crappy, especially for someone like me who was so obsessed with organization. So I finally have a set-up where I can take consistent photos against a plain background (actually, my black bedroom curtains). The NBA gallery looks much better now. I’ll get around to updating the other ones soon enough.

• Hey, so remember how I said “Moonlight” was straight up stealing plots from “Buffy” and “Angel”? Well, that just continued on this week’s episode (which I just finished watching). Beth staked Coraline, who she believed to be a vampire, but was actually human. “Buffy” fans will remember Faith’s accidental staking of a human in Season 3, and the horrible consequences it had. So far this show hasn’t had an original idea. It’s like a “Buffy” mixtape, and a crappy one at that.