Sean Taylor: 1983-2007

I’m honestly not even sure what to write here. One of my favorite players on my favorite team is dead. He was just 24 years old.

I don’t even know how something like this happens. It’s crazy to think that someone can be leading the NFL in interceptions one day and dead the next.

I liked Taylor from back when he was playing at Miami, and was so happy when the Redskins drafted him to be the backbone of their secondary. He never quite lived up to all his promise during his short career, but I got the feeling this season that he was starting to deliver. He was coming off his first Pro Bowl appearance and like I said earlier was leading the league in picks before missing the last 2 weeks due to injury.

Now he’s dead.

It’s just weird to see that. Also weird is the fact that the Redskins, in the midst of all this, have to play a football game this weekend. That’s not going to be easy on anyone involved with that team.

Good luck to them, and rest in peace, Sean Taylor.