"Moonlight" - Just call it "Angel, Pt. 2"

OK, so I’ve put up with a lot of shit from this new show on CBS called “Moonlight” but I think I’m done. Look, I understand that any vampire show is going to have some similarities to “Angel” (the “Buffy” spinoff that focused on Angel, the vampire with a soul) but this is too damn much.

Here are just some of the similarities:

“Angel” was about a vampire who was also a private detective in Los Angeles. “Moonlight” is about vampire who is also a private detective in Los Angeles.

Angel had a star-crossed relationship with a blonde mortal. On “Moonlight” Mick St. John (what a fuckin’ cheesy-ass name, too) is getting into a star-crossed relationship with a blonde mortal.

In the 3rd season of “Buffy”, Angel was once near death, and survived only by feeding on the blood of that blonde mortal, at the mortal’s insistence. This EXACT situation happened in the THIRD episode of “Moonlight”. That’s right, they ran through 3 seasons of dramatic build-up in 3 episodes.

I was almost willing to let that slide, but then, two episodes ago on “Moonlight”, they brought in a storyline where Mick’s presumed slain vampire ex-wife, who Mick had killed himself, came back from the dead and apparently human again. This seems so far-fetched, except they ALREADY DID THIS ON “ANGEL”! At the end of season one, Angel’s presumed slain vampire ex-girlfriend Darla, who he’d killed himself, was resurrected and made human. I mean, I know the writers are on strike, but recycling entire plots from “Angel”? WHAT THE FUCK!

So, I’m basically done. I’ll watch out the string of “Moonlight” before the aforementioned writers strike forces the show into reruns or an early hiatus, but barring some creative turnaround, I’m not coming back (unlike Darla and Coraline).