Fave 5 - Modern Superhero Movies

I’m sitting here watching “Spider-Man 3” on Blu Ray (which looks amazing) and thinking how, while I like this movie, it’s not my favorite of the series, and in fact, it’s not one of my favorite superhero movies period (though it is pretty damn close, mostly because I love MJ). So which ones are my favorites? Sounds like a Fave 5 to me. And FYI, I’m defining “modern” as “after ‘Batman & Robin’”, which, as an aside, might be one of the worst movies of all-time, superhero or otherwise.

5. Blade 2
The best of the three Blade movies. Wesley Snipes is in full bad-ass mode here, taking on what essentially amount to super-vampires. The final battle is extremely-well choreographed. And of the main villains in the trilogy, Ron Pearlman is by far the best actor, and probably has the best-written character to work with.

4. Hellboy
Speaking of Ron Pearlman, here he is again, this time as the hero, Hellboy. I’d never read any of the books before seeing this movie, so I didn’t know much about the characters, but unlike most first movies in a comic book series, this one doesn’t drag on with an origin. Pretty much after the opening scene, we’re into action.

3. Batman Begins
This was actually the first movie I bought on HD-DVD, and I already had it on DVD (though, honestly, it would have been the 2nd HD-DVD I got if Circuit City would have had “Serenity” in stock). I’ve probably watched it a dozen times. Christian Bale is the perfect Bruce Wayne and the perfect Batman. I can’t wait for the sequel (which will probably blow this one away).

2. Spider-Man
I know most people think the 2nd movie was better, and I’m inclined to agree, but this isn’t about “better” this is about “fave” and in this case I prefer the first one to the second one, for three reasons:
  1. MJ’s hair looks better in the first movie. Actually, MJ looks better all around in the first movie. She’s smokin’ hot.
  2. The upside-down kiss between MJ and Spidey. One of my favorite moments in movie history
  3. The scene faithfulness to the Ben Parker story and Spidey’s role is just great. I don’t mind the modernization of the origin at all, and the death of the Goblin is exactly like in the books. So kudos.
1. X-Men 2
This movie has the best scene in any comic book or superhero movie ever: when Wolverine goes berserk in the mansion when the General’s men invade. I could watch that scene on a continuous loop for a week and not get tired of it. The rest of the movie is pretty damn good too, with a solid story, good action, and well played villains. It doesn’t have the flaws of Spider-Man, which is why I have it one spot higher.