Fave 5 - Canadians

I know this is random but I wanted to do this Fave 5, my Fave 5 Canadians (not to be confused with my Fave 5 Canadiens, a list topped by Rocket Richard and Patrick Roy).

5. Wayne Gretzky
Speaking of hockey, how can you not like The Great One? He’s not actually my favorite hockey player, but he’s the one who’s got the whole package -- numbers, legend, hot wife, etc. Plus, when a whole league retires your number, you must be damn good.

4. William Shatner
Doubt this pick? Have you seen “Wrath of Khan”? It’s one of my 10 favorite movies of all-time (and if you’re keeping track, that’s “Clueless” and “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan” in my top 10... piece-by-piece, I’m going to reveal the entire thing).

3. Avril Lavigne
I have no idea why I’m so attracted to her, I just know I am. I know she’s weird-looking, I just don’t care. I know “Girlfriend” is a bad song, but I can’t stop humming it. It’s catchy as all hell. There’s just something about this chick. I think it’s ‘cause she’s Canadian.

2. Alex Trebek
Let’s be honest. Real Alex Trebek is pretty cool. But SNL Alex Trebek is a freakin’ God. Here’s the proof.

1. Dr. James Naismith
What can you say? The man invented basketball. THIS guy perfected it.