College Football Top 10

First, an apology.

I completely intended to do a weekend edition of Three to Get Ready, but then I came down with something horrible. I’m not sure exactly what happened, but I know I left work on Thursday with something that felt like a cold. By the time I woke up on Friday, it had turned into something much worse. I vomited, I dry heaved, I couldn’t breath, I even hurt my ribcage from coughing so much. I tried multiple times to go back to sleep, but breathing hurt so much that I couldn’t. I was one digit away from calling an ambulance to bring me to a hospital and hook me up to an IV. Eventually I managed to fall asleep, then drag myself into work on Saturday, though anyone that heard me coughing could probably tell you I shouldn’t have been there.

That said, I STILL had a better weekend than LSU.

On to the rankings, this week with brief comments. Next week will be the final pre-bowl edition of the rankings, when I’ll give my season review for my top 10 teams.

1. West Virginia (last week: 3)
Holy crap that was a beatdown they put on UConn. Pat White is the real deal.

2. Missouri (last week: 4)
The Tigers have jumped 4 spots in 2 weeks, and look like a better team than the one that almost beat Oklahoma earlier in the year.

3. Ohio State (last week: 5)
I hate the thought that they might back into the national title game. What a joke.

4. LSU (last week: 1)
They have two losses this year, both in triple-overtime. I have a hard time dropping a team like that much further than this.

5. Georgia (last week: 6)
It’s too bad they won’t get a shot at LSU in the SEC title game. That could have made things interesting in the BCS computers.

6. Kansas (last week: 2)
That was actually a pretty impressive comeback try by the Jayhawks. It’s too bad they dug themselves such a big hole early.

7. Oklahoma (last week: 8)
They’re not really in the national title picture, but they can play spoiler next week against Missouri. With a healthy Bradford and Murray, a win is a definite possibility.

8. Hawaii (last week: 9)
I know I still have them higher than just about anyone else in the country, but they can only beat the teams they play, and they’ve done that. The win over Boise State was particularly impressive. Do the right thing, BCS voters. Put them in a BCS game.

9. Florida (last week: 10)
Tim Tebow is going to win the Heisman. Just deal with it. He’s pretty freakin’ good.

10. Virginia Tech (last week: NR)
The Hokies will get a 2nd shot at finishing the deal against BC. They blew it in the final 2 minutes last time. Maybe they can play a whole game next week.

Dropped out: Arizona State (everything would have lined up perfectly for the Sun Devils if they could have just beaten USC)