College Football Top 10

I’m gonna keep this short this week. Obviously, with Oklahoma and Oregon losing, shit is wide open for just about any one-loss team to sneak in there. Either Missouri or Kansas is going to be out of the national title picture after next weekend, so these rankings don’t mean a whole lot. Therefore, just a list this week, no comments on the teams.

1.LSU (last week: 1)
2.Kansas (last week: 4)
3.West Virginia (last week: 5)
4.Missouri (last week: 6)
5.Ohio State (last week: 7)
6.Georgia (last week: 8)
7.Arizona State (last week: 9)
8.Oklahoma (last week: 3)
9.Hawaii (last week: 10)
10. Florida (last week: NR)

Dropped out: Oregon (not just because they lost, but because without Dennis Dixon, they’re not a Top 10 team).