College Football Top 10

Another one bites the dust. Or, more accurately, another No. 1 bites the dust. This week, it’s Ohio State going down, and making room for just about every one-loss team in America to get back into the national title picture. So here’s how I’m breaking things down this week -- Jay-Z style (each team gets assigned the name of a Jay-Z album. And please remember to vote in my poll, conveniently located at the bottom of these rankings.

1. LSU (last week: 2)
“American Gangster”
This selection of album has no significance to how I view the ranking of the album. Just wanted to clear that up. The reason I’m picking this to represent LSU is they’re the most gangster team out there. They don’t give a fuck what you think, they’re gonna do things their way, and let the shit hit the fan. It sure makes for fun football to watch.

2. Oregon (last week: 3)
“The Blueprint”
Oregon found this season’s blueprint for success this week -- don’t play! Honestly, though, the Ducks blueprint has been to score lots of points, behind an offense that’s just scary good when Dennis Dixon is at his best.

3. Oklahoma (last week: 4)
“The Dynasty: Roc La Familia”
The Sooners are probably the closest thing we have to a dynasty in college football these days. They seem to be in the BCS title game every couple years, though they -- like everyone else in the BCS era -- have only won a single BCS title.

4. Kansas (last week: 6)
“Reasonable Doubt”
Ya know, we’re two weeks away from the end of the season, and I still feel like Kansas hasn’t played anyone. Their season finale is against Missouri, and if they win that one, then they’ll probably get Oklahoma in the Big 12 title game. Win both of those, and all doubts will be removed.

5. West Virginia (last week: 5)
“The Blueprint 2: The Gift and the Curse”
The gift is Pat White, and how amazing he’s been lately. The curse is that Steve Slaton seems banged up, and while this team can win the Big East with a banged up Slaton, they can’t be taken seriously on a national scale without both of their stars healthy.

6. Missouri (last week: 8)
“Vol. 3...Life and Times of S. Carter”
They’re the third Big 12 team I have ranked in my top 6, thus the Volume 3 reference. And right now, I’ve got no evidence to prove that they’re better than Oklahoma or Kansas, so they’ll stay at third until something big happens.

7. Ohio State (last week: 1)
“Vol. 2...Hard Knock Life”
It truly is a hard knock life for the Buckeyes, who I don’t think were caught looking ahead at all. I just think they ran into a team with some talented youngsters on offense that they couldn’t stop. OSU can still get to the Rose Bowl if they beat Michigan last week, but after the loss to Illinois, and the memory of last year’s title game in the voters’ minds, I don’t think they’re a serious contender in the BCS title game race.

8. Georgia (last week: NR)
“The Black Album”
The Bulldogs broke out their rarely-seen black jerseys on Saturday, then broke open what looked like a close game against Auburn. Honestly, because the Dawgs lost so early in the season (2 losses by the 1st week of October), they’ve been kind of off the radar, but big wins against Florida and Auburn have proven they’re for real.

9. Arizona State (last week: 10)
“In My Lifetime, Vol. 1”
This is only the 2nd time in my lifetime that Arizona State has had a relevant football program, and they almost choked away that status Saturday against a disappointing UCLA team. Still, surviving a conference road game against an unranked team is actually becoming a big deal in college football this season.

10. Hawaii (last week: 9)
“Kingdom Come”
Did you see that hit on Colt Brennan? Kingdom Come is almost where Brennan ended up. Holy crap. It took all the effort I had not to yell out in the studio when I saw the hit live. If Brennan is out for any extended time, Hawaii is done.

Dropped out: Boston College

I’m going to skip the “big games” preview from now on, because at this point, any game involving a team in my top 6 is really a big game. But don’t forget to vote in the Jay-Z poll!