College Football Top 10

Hey, look everyone: it's the return of the mushroom cloud! That's what happens when your No. 1 team sees its Heisman Trophy candidate throw a dream-crushing interception in the final two minutes of the game. Damn you Matt Ryan. If not for your horrible, horrible pass my top 6 all would have won this week and I'd be looking like a college football genius. Instead, I've got to put Ohio State at No. 1 like the rest of the lemmings out there.

1. Ohio State (last week: 2)
I really, really don't like this team. But at this point, I hope they beat Illinois next week and then lose to Michigan in the Big House. Because nothing would sum up this season more than the No. 1 team in the country closing its season by losing to a team that opened the season by losing to Appalachian State (and in my opinion, if Michigan goes to the Rose Bowl, then Appalachian State should at least be in the Poulan Weed Eater Bowl or whatever that thing is now).

2. LSU (last week: 4)
This team frightens me on a weekly basis. They're 1 play away from being unbeaten, and like 1 play a game away from being .500. Yet, I'm pretty sure if they played Ohio State, they'd win by 14... or lose on a last-second play... or go to overtime... OK, so I'm really not sure about anything when it comes to LSU.

3. Oregon (last week: 5)
I jumped them over Oklahoma this week. I really wanted to jump them over LSU, too, but LSU does have 5 wins against ranked teams this season. But damn, Dennis Dixon is good. He might win the Heisman that Oregon tried to buy for Joey Harrington so many years ago.

4. Oklahoma (last week: 3)
I haven't watched this team nearly as much as I should have this season, but the little I have seen of them has been damn impressive. They have to regret looking past Colorado to the Texas game. If they don't do that, they're probably No. 1 right now (by the way, "teams who should be number 1 instead of Ohio State" is pretty much the theme this week).

5. West Virginia (last week: 6)
And speaking of teams that should be No. 1, here are the Mountaineers! How this team can roll over pretty much everyone in the nation, but can't figure out South Florida, is a mystery to me. And I don't like mysteries. I do like Steve Slaton and Pat White. I also like the fact that WVU's remaining schedule is Louisville, Cincy, UConn and Pitt.

6. Kansas (last week: 8)
I'm not sure what happened Saturday, but holy crap Kansas put up a lot of offense. The over/under on that game was 54.5. Kansas beat that, themselves, almost in the first half. If you bet the under, you probably felt like a tard.

7. Boston College (last week: 1)
I feel like a tard for having this team at No. 1 for the past few weeks. They've got lots of holes. But Matt Ryan is still good. And in this topsy-turvy college football season, he could still win the Heisman.

8. Missouri (last week: 9)
In three weeks, Missouri and Kansas play each other, likely for the Big 12 North title. Let me clarify: Missouri's football team will likely play Kansas' football team in a football game that could have national football implications. Football.

9. Hawaii (last week: 10)
I know I have this team ranked way too high. I just don't care anymore. They're probably going to go undefeated, and if UConn can find a way to upset West Virginia, then we could be looking at the worst Orange Bowl ever.

10. Arizona State (last week: 7)
I had them lower than most people going into the week, and fully expected them to lose to Oregon. But Rudy Carpenter showed me some things this week, and I was pretty impressed by him. This team should finish the regular season no worse than 10-2.

Dropped out: No one!

Looking ahead to next week, here are the games that could impact the rankings the most:

Louisville at West Virginia, Thursday, 7:30 ET on ESPN
As I wrote above, the Mountaineers should run the table, starting with this game. Then again, Louisville is better than their record would indicate (they barely lost to Kentucky and got cheated out of a win against UConn).

Kansas at Oklahoma State, Saturday, 8 ET on ABC
The Jayhawks hit the road with a 9-0 record against Mike “I’m a Man! I’m 40!” Gundy’s Oklahoma State squad. I could watch that press conference all day. Instead I’ll probably watch Kansas hang half a hundred on Gundy. Wonder what he’ll have to say after that.

Fresno State at Hawaii, Saturday, 11:05 ET
The Bulldogs, despite their three losses, are a pretty damn good team. Hawaii is going to have to play its best to maintain that perfect record. That means no 4 or 5 interceptions from you, Colt Brennan.