Thursday Afternoon Ramblings

• I’ve been trying to find a copy of the “My December” tour set list on the ‘net, but so far no luck. Part of me wants to be surprised when I go to the concert, but another part of me wants to know if she’ll be singing some of my old favorites, or just focusing on her latest album.

• On the advice of a friend, I’ve added a counter to my site. It’s invisible to you, my faithful reader, but I know it’s there. That’s right. I’m watching you...

• I’m also watching the NBA. We’re under 2 weeks until the season begins. Some teams are starting to use their real players for more than 20 minutes a night, and we’re finally getting a sense of how good or bad some teams really are. For example, last night proved the Celtics are pretty damn good, and the Knicks are pretty damn bad.

• So something very weird happened the other day. While I was driving to work, I was passed by PooZ on the highway (we hadn’t left anywhere at the same time). Then when I was driving home from work, I was passed by Craig on the highway (I left work about 5-10 minutes before him). It’s rare that when you’re driving on the highway you’ll see even one person you know, much less two. Very strange day.

• Fantasy sports updates: I’m still in the lead in my fantasy NASCAR league with 5 races to go. I’ve also moved into the top 2,500 overall, out of more than 200,000 Yahoo! users. In my fantasy football league, I’m 5-1 and ranked 2nd overall in the league. I’m very happy with the roster that my co-owner and I have been able to put together. My two Yahoo! fantasy football leagues aren’t going nearly as well, but those aren’t money leagues so I’m not that concerned. My two pick ‘ems (NFL and college football) have been near disasters. So, um, let’s not worry about those anymore.

• OK, actually, let’s address the college football one. That one actually gets picked against the spread, so there’s more thought involved. I’m at about 53% correct for the year, which means if I’d been betting, I’d be up. Can’t complain about that. There was even a week where I picked 12 of 16 posted games correctly. Of course, I followed that up with a week where I went 7-for-21. Ouch.

• I leave you now, on Kelly Clarkson Week, with another Kelly video. This one is her live performance of “Never Again” on The Today Show.