Three to Get Ready: October 6-8

A look ahead at the three sporting events I’ll be watching this weekend (and yes, because of the NFL season, Monday counts as part of the weekend).

October 6
Cincinnati at Rutgers, 8 ET on ESPN2
This is one of 6 games Saturday between ranked teams. It’s a rematch of last year’s game, where Cincinnati upset Rutgers, who at the time was coming off that huge win over Louisville. If Cincinnati should win, it establishes the Bearcats as a real threat to win the Big East.

October 7
Indians at Yankees, 6:37 ET on TBS (6 ET on ESPN Radio)
I’ve adopted the Indians as my postseason team, since the Mets decided they were clearly too good for the NL postseason, and are resting up to face the World Series winner in an eventual True World Series (or they suck). I have a few reasons for rooting for Cleveland:
  1. They’re playing the Yankees, who, while not on my “hated teams” list (a Fave 5 for a future week), are definitely disliked by me.
  2. The Indians are the only team I saw play at home this season. I didn’t make it to any Mets, Yankees or Red Sox games, so the only MLB action I saw this year was on my ill-fated NBA Finals trip.
  3. Somehow, I feel like the better Cleveland’s other teams do, the better it is for the Cavs. Like it somehow proves that a team from Cleveland can win. Not that the Indians’ success has any real bearing on the Cavs, but in my twisted mind it does. Please stay in Cleveland, LeBron. And stop wearing that Yankees hat.
October 8
Cowboys at Bills, 8:30 ET on ESPN
I tried to find something other than the Monday Night Football game to put here, but here’s the deal: both AL Series could be over before Monday, and there are no NL games scheduled. There’s no televised NBA preseason action, and there are only 3 NHL games on Monday, none of which are available on the approximately 300 cable channels I get. So it’s MNF again. Not that I mind MNF (actually, I love it), but it’s the freakin’ Cowboys. I hate them. I hope they lose by 30 points. Then again, hoping a team would get destroyed on Monday Night Football didn’t work too well last week.