Three to Get Ready: October 27-29

Saturday, October 27
USC-Oregon, 3 ET on FSNThis is a battle of two great squads, one of whom has a bigger national reputation, while the other may be more talented, but less known because they aren't based in L.A. The football teams? Well, yes, sort of, but I'm talking about the cheerleaders. The USC Song Girls have the rep (and you know I love them), but ask anyone from Pac-10 country (who isn't affiliated with USC) and they'll tell you that Oregon's cheerleaders are the best in the nation. This game should decide that once and for all -- oh, and, ya know, maybe put one of these teams back in the BCS title picture. Oh, and by the way, I think the Towson Dance Team beats the Song Girls and the Oregon cheerleaders in terms of hotness.

Sunday, October 28
Redskins at Patriots, 4 ET on FOXI hate the Patriots. I hate Tom Brady. I hate Bill Belichick. I hate Robert Kraft. I would like nothing more than to see my favorite team wipe the smiles off all their smug faces. I'd settle for the 'Skins covering the spread (currently at 16 points). I'd be much happier if Sean Taylor picked off Tom Brady's first pass of the game while covering Randy Moss, have Moss break a hand while trying to tackle Taylor, then have Taylor run over Brady -- breaking Brady's collarbone in the process of scoring a touchdown. That'd be AWESOME!

Monday, October 29
Red Sox at Rockies, Game 5 (if necessary), on FOXI honestly don't think this game will be necessary. If it is, though, I'll be watching, because Josh Beckett will be pitching. This guy is money when it comes to the postseason. He's so money, he's Yen (which is the opposite of Dice-K, who is anti-money... He's like a Canadian loonie when it comes to the postseason). I honestly don't like the Red Sox, but I have friends who do. I don't really know anyone who likes the Rockies. So I guess I'll support my friends. Oh, and if this game isn’t necessary, watch the Packers-Broncos MNF game on ESPN. I will.