Friday Afternoon Ramblings

• Yes, more wedding stuff. I don’t care if it happened two weeks ago. Other people are finally starting to post their pictures, including this one, where I look totally pimpish. This may in fact be the best picture of me ever. I’m the fucking man.

• I’ll have “Three to Get Ready” posted after work today. I’m honestly not sure which college football game I’m most excited about tomorrow, then I’m probably focusing on the MLB playoffs Monday (with a couple potential sweeps, if Game 1 in the Angels-Sox and Yankees-Indians series were any indication).

• I just got my Premium Format Buffy last week, and now apparently my Premium Format Angel is due within a couple weeks. I am seriously running out of room to display all this stuff. Fortunately, there isn’t much more coming.

• Last night, I finally broke down and bought a couple ringtones for my iPhone. It’s a pretty cool process, I just hate paying for ringtones again (I got so used to using Ringo on my Treo to use any MP3 as a ringtone). Still, I turned “Wikked Lil’ Grrrls” into a ringtone, since I already had purchased the song, then I bought “Let’s Go” (the song I walked out to at the reception) and turned that into a ringtone. The process is incredibly easy. Now I just need to make sure I don’t spend too much money doing it.

• And in the most time-consuming news of the week, I bought “Tiger Woods ’08” for the PS3. When I got home Tuesday I popped it in and intended to play a couple rounds. I finally turned off the system at 7 a.m. Whoops. It’s an incredibly addictive game that looks good, plays well, and has a really cool feature where you can put your own face into the game. I wasn’t sure it would be implemented well, but it was. I really look like me in the game. It’s pretty impressive. I’ll try and post a full review this weekend.