Fave 5 - Teams I Love to Hate

There’s really only one sports team I truly love: the Washington Redskins. I’m a Mets fan, and I root for the Cavaliers because of LeBron, but I only have one love. I do, however, have plenty of hate. I drank a tall glass of haterade and ranked my top 5 most hated teams.

5. Carolina Hurricanes
The former Hartford Whalers were one of my loves growing up, but then they decided that North Carolina was more of a hockey hotbed than the northeast and so the evil Peter Karmanos up and left. I was at the team’s last game in Hartford and there was a definite sense of loss. The franchise has embraced its Whaler past, but that doesn’t make up for abandoning Hartford.

4. Detroit Pistons
Whether I’ve been a ‘Nique fan, an MJ fan or a LeBron fan, I’ve always been a fan of someone going against the Pistons. And since I’m a fan of talented athletes who can do amazing things with the basketball, I’ve always hated the bad boy mentality of the Pistons. Beating Detroit was more satisfying last year than anything in the Finals could have been (except, maybe, winning a game so I could go to game five).

3. Baltimore Ravens
This one dates to my college days at Towson. I couldn’t stand being surrounded my all these so-called Ravens fans who actually grew up Redskins fans and abandoned them as soon as the stolen Browns showed up in town. Plus, for Baltimore to embrace a moved team is just very hypocritical. Oh, and then there’s the Ray Lewis thing. Check SportsPickle.com for details (every week for 6 years).

2. New York Giants
This stems solely from the rivalry with the Redskins. I know most Redskins fans hate the Cowboys, but because of Deion Sanders (my former favorite football player) I don’t have as much hatred for the ‘Boys, plus, growing up in Connecticut, you learn to detest Giants fans (and Red Sox “nation” and Yankees fans too, but that’s a column for another day).

1. New England Patriots
Taking a team out of a city is bad (see #5). But promising that you’re going to move to a city, taking season ticket orders for that city, then bailing on that city when your crappy one-road borough agrees to build you a shiny new stadium, well, fuck you. That’s right, fuck the Patriots, fuck their cheating coach, and fuck their stupid actress-impregnating, model-dating, butt-chin quarterback. I actually hope the Patriots remain undefeated until their game against the Colts (who’ll hopefully also be undefeated), when they’ll lose by 35.